About Me

Self-isolated early thirties urban schleppy preppy. Hoping to gain clarity by closely reading a few articles now and again, thus keeping me off the streets and forming cogent thoughts. Authors who’ve influenced me most: Plato, Tocqueville, Madison, Bernard Lonergan, Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy, Franz Rosenzweig, H.N. Bilalik, Ahad Ha’am, Daniel Elazar, Harold Berman, Joshua Mitchell, Peter Berkowitz, Aaron Wildavsky, and Rene Girard.

Topics I’m focused on:

  • How arguments are constructed in public discourse
  • The historical relationship between religion and politics in the West (political theology)
  • Constitutional culture, or the application of those principles in emerging democracy
  • Jewish history and culture

Parts of my past: Born in 1974 at Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, TX; raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland; public schools until undergrad at Sarah Lawrence; college enviro activist; environmental legislative policy; Jewish educator; civic educator; temp; dogwalker; raised in Reform Jewish congregation; family centers in Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania.

Facebook Friendster Email: sdinsmore1@yahoo.com


photo: London Pub 2003, with June Izumi

(Cigarette carton reads in large print “Smoking Kills.” Neither of us smokes.)


2 Responses to “About Me”

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