Taking Sides in Gaza

I’m happily out of touch with the news most days.  I’m a bit of an addict some days and nights, parsing opinion columns and sloppy reporting.  I do all this to keep from moral sloppiness.  Here’s help for us from Jeffrey Goldberg:

It’s a strange world, but there you have it. I’ve been talking to friends of mine, former Palestinian Authority intelligence officials (ejected from power by the Hamas coup), and they tell me that not only are they rooting for the Israelis to decimate Hamas, but that Fatah has actually been assisting the Israelis with targeting information. One of my friends — if you want to know why they’re my friends, read this book — told me that one of his comrades was thrown off a high-rise building in Gaza City last year by Hamas, and so he sheds no tears for the Hamas dead. “Let the Israelis kill them,” he said. “They’ve brought only trouble for my people.”  [emphasis added]

See below for a review of Hamas’ takeover of Gaza.

1) Gaza City:
Presidential compound seized overnight on 14 June
Headquarters of Fatah’s Preventative Security Force seized
Key security and intelligence compounds targeted
2) Beit Hanoun:
Four killed and at least 15 injured in fighting on 11 June, UN reports
Most of northern Gaza under Hamas control by 12 June, UN reports
3) Central Gaza:
Hamas believed to control area, including Maghazi, Brej and Nuseirat refugee camps by 12 June
4) Khan Younis:
Explosion wrecks headquarters of the Fatah’s Preventive Security Force, killing five, on 13 June
5) Rafah:
Hamas seizes control on 14 June
6) Key roads:
Hamas controls main north/south road and coastal road
7) Gaza/Egypt border:
Hamas claims control of border in south
8) Erez crossing:
About 600 Gazans, including 100 Fatah security men, attempt to flee into Israel but are detained at the border

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