Radio Silence

About 2 weeks ago the campaign left me cold.  I decided I really wanted to figure out a compelling explanation of the Palin phenomenon (why she inspires) to the liberals.  Overcoming such a longstanding rift is no easy task and has brought about a period of silence as I’ve experienced the chasm which separates us.


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3 Responses to “Radio Silence”

  1. Georgia McIntosh Says:

    Hey there- not sure if this is any good but you might be interested in this. Currently reading “What’s the Matter with Kansas: How conservatives won the heart of America” by Thomas Frank.

  2. Scott Says:

    Thanks Georgia! Enjoy the book.

    Thomas Frank is quite smart but too materialistic for me. He assumes that Republicans “dupe” working-class whites into voting GOP against their economic interests with symbolic appeals –abortion, gay issues. The proper Democratic Party response, in Frank’s view, is to push more strongly for social programs to awaken and draw out those economic needs.

    I can hear a real Kansas saying, “What is health coverage compared to my everlasting soul?”

    There’s a dismissal of such “meaning” needs. Bigger issue, happy to hear your thoughts…


  3. Georgia McIntosh Says:

    I first have to say that you are way too smart for me…My thoughts recently have definitely had more of a socialist edge. Also reading “Supercapitalism” by Robert Reich, who I think is more methodical and objective than Frank in explaining why capitalism has failed the “democracy” and how this failure should translate to us pushing for more social programs. He ignores those more symbolic, emotional appeals while still tending to the greater social good. But I think these emotional thoughts are a big part of politics- it seems to be what Lee Atwater based his whole theme on, and look how far it got the Republicans in the 1980s.

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