The Truth that Dare Not Speak Its Name

Patrick Deneen and others at Culture 11, that lively, new conservative-ish blog I mentioned a few weeks ago, suggest what candidates should say in the debates. Deneen would have McCain transfer his cache of military virtue to address our own complicity in the economic and ” devote a McCain presidency to restoring virtues of frugality and self-governance.”  To address Obama’s Red State weakness, he should “call for an economy that rewards the lower and middle class, not the wealthiest, and an effort to paint these commitments as the most fundamental form of traditional values.”

Deneen declares Americans must be taught about limits and let go of the corrosive growth ideology shared by both parties. He knows, too, that none of this will happen.

This professor of Political Science comes from the Christopher Lasch School of Politics, Population 1. Lasch inspired President Carter to give the infamous “malaise” speech.  Reagan comes along and talks about American pride and economic progress and restores us!  To our dangerous, blind way!  Deneen notes that if we’d listen to Carter we would not be in the energy, environment, housing and financial mess today. No one in politics can say Carter was right!

I’m skeptical that “traditional values” of community including self-government, and dedication to (or sacrifice for) people and institutions can be preached, followed and remain voluntary.  The Red Staters are suspicious of liberal like Al Gore who preach reduction of greenhouse gases and energy use yet live in opulance, comittment to the Earth over unenlightened communities upon it.  Therefore, Deneen suggests McCain and not Obama can effectively champion the language sacrifice.


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