McCain’s Worst 10 Policy Ideas

Foreign Policy magazine gives us these.

I find 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 outright wrong for my own “good policy” criteria — advances my notion of the interests of “the country” and “the people.” Like with Obama’s list I showed last week, FP magazine seems to use a range of criteria for “bad policy.”  Item 1 is on the list because it won’t ultimately succeed and will produce negative consequences.  However, the definition of negative in this instance, the weakening of the UN, is likely a goal of the proposal.  Item 10 charges McCain’s market based climate change policy won’t succeed. The goal is worthy, but the concern is implementation.  List compilers, then, are confusing means and ends.  This logic won’t get us out of stale, unproductive discussions either in the Beltway or beyond

  1. Creating a League of Democracies
  2. Calling for a Gas-Tax Holiday
  3. Requiring a Three-Fifths Majority to Raise Taxes
  4. Flip-flopping on Immigration
  5. Drilling Our Way Out of the Oil Crisis
  6. Balancing the Budget through Victory in the War on Terror
  7. Making the Bush Tax Cuts Permanent
  8. Supporting Abstinence-Only Education and the Global Gag Rule
  9. Calling for 45 Nuclear Power Plants
  10. Backing Cap-and-Trade Without a 100 Percent Auction

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