10 Worst Ideas: Obama

From Foreign Policy. I agree 2, 4, 6, 10 are outright bad positions. The others are probably bad proposals but are not central to his campaign.  What is central?  Hmmm. More national government involvement in health care?  Adding US troops to Afghanistan after they leave Iraq? Clean and renewable energy?

Releasing some of the Straegic Oil reserves (4) surprises me though i get it.  After initial “truth telling” against McCain and Clinton’s summer gas tax “holiday” — that larger trends must be addressed, pandering is bad, the road repairs the tax funds are essential — Obama has put a little pander in his campaign.  His NO to the gas tax holiday appeared insensitive instead of demonstrating integrity.  So now the concern for pocketbooks is demonstrated by worthless talk.  Ah, politics.

See full article for Obama’s statement of support of each proposal and the magazines rationale against. McCain’s list will come out in the magazine next week.

    1. Eliminating Income Taxes for Seniors Making Under $50,000
    2. Boosting Ethanol Subsidies
    3. Taxing Oil Companies Extra
    4. Opening the Strategic Petroleum Reserve
    5. Renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreements
    6. Opposing the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement
    7. Talking Openly About Bombing Pakistan
    8. Sitting Down with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
    9. Pushing the Patriot Employer Act
    10. Promoting Coal-to-Liquid Fuels
      Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

      One Response to “10 Worst Ideas: Obama”

      1. Allison Says:

        I agree, there are some real duds here and some opportunistic posturing. However, I don’t consider #6 (Opposing the US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement) to be an obvious mistake. I don’t know all the details of this trade deal, but most of the bilateral trade deals, especially those within our hemisphere, have been opposed by labor, environmentalists, health advocates, AIDS activists etc. These deals usually involve stripping nations of their labor laws and environmental regulations and enforcing US patent system enactment, crippling a nations’ ability to provide medicines for their sick. Senator Kerry campaigned as a Free-trader without discussion of what our current trade deals looked like, and which were nice gifts to PHRMA etc.

        Good question on what is central to the Obama campaign: the campaign website today only lists sept 11th memorial stuff and managing the oil reserve on its main page.

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