Sarah Palin and the Next GOP

Most of the old names of the last or current generation of Washington GOP leaders were not considered for VP. No Thompson, McConnell, Lott, Giuliani, Armey, Gingrich, Hastert, Lugar, Hagel, Santorum, Kemp, Schwarzennevermind. I’d heard a few, Sen. Brownback and Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Gov. Tom Ridge whispered about recently.  Then there was Minn. Gov Pawlenty and of course fmr. Gov. Romney.  Eric Cantor, the only Jewish Republican in Congress was mentioned.  Was there a dearth of talent in the GOP major and minor leagues such that a young Alaskan Governor will be on the ticket?  Does it take a bold choice to compete with the excitement of Sen. Obama?

Neo-cons like Frum and Krauthammer find the choice lacks seriousness regarding our greatest threat, global terrorism. Meanwhile Kristol and Barnes at Weekly Standard try to keep the positives in focus, good soldiers that they are.  But do expect the friction between middle-America conservatism (paleo) and neo-cons to increase during the campaign. Though neither group’s disenchantment is much of a threat to the coalition this cycle, as they are not ikely to run to Libertarian candidate Bob Barr.

I’ve chosen below to summarize a few of the energetic younger conservative blogs who generally approve the Gov. Palin choice politically and ideologically.  Why do I focus on them instead of my friends at Open Left and Daily Kos?  Well, if the old guard GOP is dying, it would be nice to see what might rise in its place.

Reihan Salam is one of the young cyber and cable Repudits of the Sam’s Club mold (working-class focused, new mixed market-gov solutions to health care and other liberal concerns) that David Brooks has praised written about in the NY Times. Salam calls this an A+ pick.

Ross Douthat, Mr. Selam’s co-author of Grand New Party, suggests some caution though finds an overall happy future.

This could, of course, turn out to be an enormous debacle if she isn’t ready for prime time. But for now, Sarah Palin looks like a perfect face for the sort of Republican Party I want to support: She’s a pro-life working mom; she’s tough on corruption and government waste without being a doctrinaire Norquistian on taxes; she’s more supportive of gay rights than the current GOP orthodoxy (while stopping short of backing same-sex marriage); she has a more conservationist record than your typical GOP pol, but supports drilling in ANWR; she’s an evangelical but she isn’t a southern evangelical … and if McCain loses, she can run at the top of a Palin-Jindal ticket in 2012! (H/t Daily Dish)

Keep an eye on which launched its BETA version this week. Billed as Slate for young conservatives.  Some of its writers and editors are already involved with The American Scene which has many numerous enthusiastic posts about Palin. Interestingly, several suggest that Democrats refocus on McCain and ignore Palin, as her weaknesses don’t play the same way to independents as dyed-blue Obama partisans, for example, she’s pro-life and isn’t as smart as Obama who went to Columbia AND Harvard. Or focusing on her national stage virginity reminds the electorate of Obama’s inexperience.  Thanks guys!

I’ll include No Left Turns though they’re not 20s or 30s, mostly 40s I gather.  They consider themselves outsider academics from the liberal and elite consensus.  They come from smaller conservative and sometimes religious colleges.  So they think like outsiders to the Washington game, though want the contest won by folks with their limited-government, natural rights theories.

NLT bloggers are cyber-high-fiving each other today about the Palin choice. More than a few contributors have been suggesting Palin for months. And they really, really like son-of-immigrants-from-India Bobby Jindal, age 37, just elected Governor of Louisiana.  Lawler likes her authentic, non-East Coast elite identity and finds it goes well with McCain’s character. Oh, and the men at NLT comment board are drooling at her, um, librarian-like sexuality.

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One Response to “Sarah Palin and the Next GOP”

  1. Bronson Page Says:

    Palin will have her day in the sun. Just not this year.

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