Confederate-tainted Conspiracy Theory Links

Thanks to the dozens of folks who’ve stopped by from and Crimlaw‘s nod to where where they heard about the story (see “Too Weird for the Wire” below and the original story here). I posted comments on those sites which developed my thinking beyond my original post.  Use the above.

Just today, renowned blogger Andrew Sullivan has picked up the ball but, alas, fails to mention yours truly.  I can’t recall if I sent Andrew the link back on July 30 which I sent to half-dozen higher-profile blogs that might have an interest.  (Turns out my BCC: Blind Carbon Copy keeps the addresses hidden forever.) But, he had to have read it from one of those posts which link to me.  I mean, does anyone read the Washington Monthly still? (sorry Kevin Drum and Mr. Peters)

Anyway, I’ll await the popularity from an Andrew Sullivan link until I’m more mature and can better handle the attention.  Mr. Kevin Carey, author of aforementioned story, feel free to write me about the responses you’ve been getting or anything else you wanna talk about.  Maybe we can see a movie or something?  I like drama but really whatever you want to see is cool with me.


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