Conference Bingo

Contemplating an upcoming academic conference, Eszter Hargittai at Crooked Timber writes, “[w]hile I think playing buzzword bingo at a presentation is a bit rude, the idea of having a bingo card for the whole conference seems more reasonable.” Here’s a few she and fellow CT blogger Kieran noted.

  • Mac user surprised that cable won’t connect to projector
  • Use of PowerPoint in Normal View instead of Slide Show
  • Aimless lingerer at book exhibit
  • Loitering at book exhibit in hopes of finding editor
  • “But you didn’t write the paper I would have written” comment during Q&A
  • Never-ending comment posing as question during Q&A

Below the fold I include some of the best ideas from the comments. For more grad school tribulations, also see PhD Comics.

  • Respected senior figure hitting on grad student/junior person at drinks reception.
  • “Never-ending comment posing as question during Q&A.” That makes things too easy.
  • “Horribly vituperative question which can only have been motivated by speaker running off with questioner’s partner some time in the 1980s.”
  • “Unsatifactory dinner crowd gathered with great delay and confusion.”
  • “Questioners gradually realise that the speaker isn’t paying attention to their increasingly exasperated attempts to point out giant flaw in speaker’s logic.”
  • Acquaintance uses you for smalltalk at reception until he/she abruptly ditches you as they see their chance to trade up for someone notable in the field.
  • “Graduate student groupie group of 5 or more around a star figure”
  • “panel moved from one room to another, at least one panelist or moderator fails to find new room.”
  • “Somebody farted.”
  • >The audience member who is overly enthusiastic about your work, takes your email address and then never contacts you…ever. Sometimes at future conferences, this person pretends that you’ve never even met.
  • Long-assed introduction of self in an effort to broadcast one’s work/availability/awesomeness to panel audience before asking a truly banal question that shows that wasn’t the point?
  • Gratuitous PowerPoint slide of Gilles Deleuze.
  • Edward Said anecdote.
  • things that happened in Small World (e.g., “Abducted by fantastically wealthy and cultivated Marxist for sexual threesome with her husband.”)

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