Prayer for The Conversion of…Them: Earthly and Eternal Israel

Recent re-introduction of a prayer apparently for the conversation of Jews in Catholic liturgy has sparked requests from Jews for its removal. I think the oddly anonymous Spengler over at First Things has things right. Perhaps Eugen (Rosenstock) and Franz (Rosenzweig) would agree.

2 Responses to “Prayer for The Conversion of…Them: Earthly and Eternal Israel”

  1. Athos Says:

    Benedict XVI in his book, Jesus of Nazareth, admiringly plays off of the work of Jacob Neusner, A Rabbi Talks with Jesus [pp. 103ff]. Conversation with our elder brothers is essential, Scott, and, as someone with both a proclivity for the mimetic theory of René Girard and admiration for my Pope, you know that both men see an inseparable continuity between the Jewish Bible and the Christian New Testament.

    Thanks for the lead on the Spengler essay. Cheers

  2. Scott Says:


    Glad to see you’re up and blogging so quickly. Thanks for reading. So I guess YOU aren’t Spengler, then, huh? I’m reading Judaism Despite Christiantity: The Letters of Eugen and Franz about 90 years ago. Challenging stuff!

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