More on Olympic Boycotts

Crooked Timber comments on the discussion between Dan Drezner and Steve Clemons “over whether or not the US should boycott the Beijing Olympics (Steve says no, Dan says that it would be no harm if the West uses the threat of non-attendance to squeeze some concessions from the Chinese).”

CT’s Henry is surprised that International Relations scholars haven’t given much attention to Olympics and politics. (I did note over a dozen recent books on Amazon.) Although he misses the (largely Jewish) 1936 boycott efforts in the US, Henry summarizes the current debate like I did yesterday:

I think we are seeing how public opinion and organized cross-national opposition can create significant constraints on the ability of leaders to respond to what they see as the geostrategic necessity of keeping China happy. This is, as best as I am aware, a new phase in the development of the Olympics.


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