The Olympic Torch and Boycott

My instincts reject the politicization of Olympic Games.  Tibet and Darfur* activists that are in the news recently are two of the causes leveraging the visibility of the Games.  My apprehension springs from a desire for unifying global events amidst the routine clashes of interests.

If I were more focused, I’d research the 1980/84 Cold War-related boycotts and the 1936 Berlin Games.

On the surface, we can identify the rationale of a State in the 1980s and the civic/humanitarian efforts of 1936 and today.  To what extent did the Games legitimize the Nazi regime?  How did activists connect boycott with other sources of international pressure.

Other note: It is not surprising that British and French activists have garnered the courage to strike against the Olympic Flame.  To generalize, the post-nationalist European identity strives against distant suffering.

*The rationale is that China rejects international action in Sudan in the UN and invests in Sudanese oil

One Response to “The Olympic Torch and Boycott”

  1. ale1980italy Says:

    Instead I am deeply in favor of the Boycott, it would be an exceptional signal.

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