Post Notes

  • Henry Kissenger hopes candidates address the real national-security issues:

[H]ow to distill a new international order from three simultaneous revolutions occurring around the globe: (a) the transformation of the traditional state system of Europe; (b) the radical Islamist challenge to historic notions of sovereignty; and (c) the drift of the center of gravity of international affairs from the Atlantic to the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

  • Jackson Diehl notes US Mideast Peace efforts ignore the facts on the ground — Hamas’s major weapons build up and Israel’s war plans.
  • Walter Pincus gives us a helpful new acronym in his Fine Print column. Future military “operations that will span the DIMES model: Diplomacy, Information, Military, Economic and Socio-cultural development.” Or if you prefer, the 3 D’s of Defense, Diplomacy and Development.
  • Badr vs. Sadr. Front page story from Iraq explores the intra-Shia rivalry. Turns out Sadr represents to local Shia who experienced the Saddam Hussein regime while the Badr Brigade and the Dawa Party (formed in Iran) consist of exiles whom the US elevated to national leadership.

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