Last night at 3:30am I heard a mysterious racket. For a few seconds I pondered whether the source could be anything other than the city’s common, nocturnal clamor — a car thief busting a window. Peering out the window I observed the unfortunate criminal crouched by the only visible vehicle. He looked left, then right and dove into the car. The profanity-laced warning I barked from my bedroom window did not deter the man but did arouse the little dog in our house whose barking woke my house mate. Fortunately, when I shared the news he called 911. I would’ve pondered for 5 minutes whether this event was deserving of a 911 call.

Turns out the police were around the corner monitoring drug and prostitution activity. Two police cruisers pulled behind the vehicle I identified. The perp who’d been inside for 2 or 3 minutes, upon seeing the cops, leaped out the window and tried to hide under the car. Cops with guns drawn cornered and cuffed him as my house mate and I watched from inside. I gave an interview to the cops. They appeared excited that I saw the whole thing and one enthusiastically repeated my details to another. The cops and later an ambulance (perp cut his hand on the window) remained until about 4am. I guess it’s reassuring that we don’t just drag off suspects — there’s tons of paperwork to be done. At some point I’d be interested to know what kinds of work takes so much time.

Funny moment during my interview. The cops opened the door opposite the broken window and the car alarm goes off! The entire group of us, maybe ten guys total, begin laughing heartily. Oh, and apparently the perp pissed himself, too.

One Response to “Nabbed!”

  1. Allison Says:

    Congrats on crime-busting! Funny he didn’t leave when you yelled at him the first time.

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