Sullivan’s Relfections on Iraq

Andrew joins others in looking back at their considerations 5 years ago.

Here’s his 4 topics:

Historical Narcissism. I was distracted by the internal American debate to the occlusion of the reality of Iraq.

Narrow Moralism. The deciding factor for me in the end was that I could never be ashamed of removing someone as evil as Saddam from power. I became enamored of my own morality and the righteousness of this single moral act.

Unconservatism. I heard and read about ancient Sunni and Shiite divisions, knew of the awful time the British had in running Iraq, but I had never properly absorbed the lesson.

Misreading Bush. Yes, the incompetence and arrogance were beyond anything I imagined.

Still questions about where to go from here, understanding the nature of global threats, etc.  But it’s a rare writer who can articulate the logical failures of recent arguments.   What enables a person to be able to do this?  Must one wait for lots of evidence and popular mood to shift before logic is reassessed?


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