Harold Berman’s Obituary Page

Emory now has a memorial page up with this week’s tributes included John Witte, Jr.’s retelling of their last visit is marvelously vivid. Elsehwhere, Johan van der Vyver writes:

World law, as envisioned by Harold J. Berman, is not so much concerned with legislative initiatives of the political law-creating agencies, but emphasizes customary legal relationships established at the initiative of voluntary enterprises and associations of persons engaged in international activities. It embraces common features of the world’s legal systems, singling those out from differences that persist within the world’s legal regimes.

Vision of world unity based on collaboration from the bottom up, progressive libertarianism, perhaps, or integral federalism as some French have called it. A project beyond our own capacity to complete. This evocation of humility is part of Berman’s academic glory.


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