Balthasar Online Conference

Hans Urs von Balthasar is one deepest and broadest 20th century Catholic theologians. I’m hoping to learn more about his “dramatics” and compare it to Rosenstock-Huessy and Kenneth Burke. Note the inventive, free method these theologians and students employed. via Fire and Rose

The first annual Balthasar Blog Conference is just around the corner on March 16-25. The topic is Balthasar’s theological exegesis. We have an exciting schedule of ten plenary posts by the following participants:

I am pleased to announce the first annual Balthasar Blog Conference, scheduled for March 16 to March 25, 2008. (This is a change from the original dates of March 9-16. I have moved it back a week to give more time to the presenters.) The theme for this blog conference will be “Von Balthasar’s Theological Interpretation of Scripture.” We should have ten “plenary” posts from the following theo-bloggers:

    • John L. Drury (Drulogion) on Balthasar’s reading of the resurrection texts in Mysterium Paschale and elsewhere;
    • Halden Doerge (Inhabitatio Dei) on Balthasar’s use of the Old Testament in his theological aesthetics;
    • Cynthia Nielsen (Per Caritatem) on Balthasar’s approach to biblical hermeneutics;
    • Andrew Guffey (Seeing the Form) on Balthasar’s use of the Apocalypse;
    • Joshua Ralston (Treasures Old and New) on Balthasar’s interpretation of the passages relating to the office of Peter and structure of the church;
    • Heather Reichgott (Holy Vignettes) on Balthasar’s approach to “contradictory” material in the Gospel narratives;
    • Daniel W. McClain (The Land of Unlikeness) on aesthetics, tradition, and Scripture in Balthasar’s theology;
    • Francesca Murphy on Scripture, Church, and Mariology;
    • Lois M. Miles on the influence of Adrienne von Speyr’s contemplative reading of Scripture on von Balthasar’s interpretation of the biblical text; and
    • yours truly on Balthasar’s interpretation of the biblical texts relating to hell and apokatastasis in Dare We Hope?

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  1. William Holland Says:

    I am deeply indebted to Hans Urs von Balthsar like no other. I invite you to my site. Peace

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