“Speak With Authority”

This slam poet, if I remember correctly, is a high school English teacher. The spoken word genre today often employs only one trope, angry self-definition. As a white guy who can’t readily adopt those norms, he finds his own style. I’ve seen him perform several times successfully by inviting collective reflection while speaking with the cadences the genre expects.

Reminds me of a discussion with an interfaith high school group. “…[B]ecause we Christians believe Jesus Christ is the messiah, or whatever,” a student expressed. I implored her not to qualify that, of all, statements.

James at Postmodern Conservative (where I found the above link) suggests with his post title that our “epistemological” confusion is not personal choice of diction but a larger societal reality.

One Response to ““Speak With Authority””

  1. jane dinsmore Says:

    Loved the English teacher/slam poet. What a great way he has to explain why a clear English sentence is important. I recall my student
    last year (a senior) who started most sentences with “basically” and who could never give a direct “yes” or “no” answer.

    The slam poetry was fun and instructive.

    Thanks for the awareness.
    Thanks for teaching me something important again.


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