Gas Tank Activism

Watching my friend fill her SUV gas tank last August (@ $60) made me think about the power of pocketbook anger. I imagined alternative energy and mass transit activists along with anti-Oil Autocrat folks (pro- democracy, anti- Islamist, etc) informing and organizing drivers as they fill their tanks.

Here’s another image from a presidential candidation:

“None of us would write a check to Osama bin Laden, slip it in a Hallmark card and send it off to him. But that’s what we’re doing every time we pull into a gas station,” – Mike Huckabee.

Perhaps activists can ask each driver filling their tank to sign one of those Hallmark cards to Bin Laden. Get Well? And offer 3 things the driver can do to reduce our dependence, attend a forum next month, etc.


One Response to “Gas Tank Activism”

  1. Allison Says:

    Or cards to bin Laden, plus one to the US oil industry c/o Dick Cheney (a friendship appreciation card?)

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