What Americans Really Don’t Want to Hear

The public generally wants Iraq to go the way of Vietnam; US involvement ends with few clear repercussions. McCain’s analogies to South Korea and Japan suggest a different model. He proudly claims US interests are served by our prolonged military presence in the region. This has little resonance in a nation wary (not WEARY) of war.


One Response to “What Americans Really Don’t Want to Hear”

  1. Allison Says:

    This of course has been the purpose of our engagement: somewhere in the mid-east to place long-term US military bases. And what wasn’t stated since the American public doesn’t want this whatsoever. Clearly this won’t be Japanese or West German-style occupation that turns into a friendly real estate rental of bases for mutual (during the cold war) benefits. McCain is at least honest enough to not pretend to reluctantly come to this conclusion.

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