Idea for Story: Biotech meets the Upper Middle Class Jewish Family

Came to me while reading news story about the increase 8th grade AP (Advanced Placement) classes to meet the parents demands in the race to outpace each other. In my era and school of lower competition, such classes were reserved for Jrs. and Srs. in High School. Meritorcratic society creates anxiety in the successful about passing on benefits to one’s children. The bubbling force within can be temporarily relieved by pushing their children to greater, earlier successes.

Meritocratic Jewish parents with an added worry of convincing their children to affiliate with the tribe as adults alleviate these twin anxieties by ramping up the Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience. Parties, of course, perhaps competitive Torah and prayer-leader skills. The new edge: earlier Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremonies. Through hormone treatments, parents induce their child’s puberty earlier and brag about 8 year olds chanting Torah. Torah simultaneously becomes more studied but continues to lose meaning and relevance.

Comedy or tragedy?


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