In The Meantime

In naming this blog I reflected the current status of my life — hopeful but woefully connected. When I wrote the phrase I was immediately reminded of this book of the same title. A friend shared moving passages she’d underlined while we dined at Kramerbooks & Afterwords. My sister mentioned a few weeks ago this blog’s title is also the name of a popular 1990s song by Spacehog. I was reminded of the song when I saw a few of the 100 Greatest Videos of the 1990s.

(Lyrics below the fold)

And in the end we shall achieve in time
The thing they call divine
When all the stars will smile for me
When all is well and well is all for all
And forever after
Maybe in the meantime wait and see

We love the all the all of you
Our lands are green and skies are blue
When all in all were just like you
We love the all of you

And when I cry for me I cry for you
With tears of holy joy
And did I ever say Id never play
Or fly toward the sun
Maybe in the meantime, somethings gone


Well that sounds fine so Ill see you sunshine
Give my love to the future of the humankind
Okay, okay, its not okay.
While its on my mind theres a girl that fits the crime
For a future love dream that I’m still to find
But in the meantime

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