“Poor Scott”

Poverty Budget Source: U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Blogs like this are fairly easy to operate though there is an entire “back end” where the blog-master works. In that area, WordPress, my blog platform, features the web searches that brought a viewer to this site. I’ve yet to post about Britney Spears but since I’ve now mentioned her it is possible that I just increased traffic to my blog.

Today a viewer arrived via the following search: “scott dinsmore” poverty. When I google that phrase, this site and other actions related to me appear in 5 of the 9 listings. Other Scott Dinsmore’s with a web presence operate an eponymously named antique store in P-town, run a Tall Teens discussion list, work for an evil corporation on TV’s “24”, and validate wellness products. Apparently, none of them either “care about” or “suffer from” poverty like me.

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