Cheney: Special Envoy for Oil

Cheney and Kurds Meet About Oil

It’s gratifying to have a VP with such expertise to bring to Northern Iraq/Kurdistan. Who among the current crop of candidates would be able to negotiate with such skill and wisdom (and against the wishes of the State Department and previous Administration policy)? Mind you, I had to find this gem on page D3 of the Washington Post Business Section. Thomas Frank has remarked how business news receives too little treatment by liberal pundits. Not me!

Vice President Cheney met yesterday with two senior leaders from the regional government in Kurdish-populated northern Iraq who have been wooing U.S. oil companies despite earlier State Department criticism of Kurdish leaders for signing oil and gas exploration deals…

…In September, State Department officials called the Washington representatives of major oil companies to discourage them from signing deals with the Kurdish regional government, which adopted its own petroleum law in August.

…Kurdish authorities signed a dozen oil and gas exploration contracts in November, bringing to 20 the total number of contracts signed.


2 Responses to “Cheney: Special Envoy for Oil”

  1. loopyloo350 Says:

    Forget impeachment, go for treason.

  2. BigOldDaddy Says:

    Getting Cheney more involved with Iraq’s oil is a stroke of genius. Who better than our own skilled and soft-spoken Uncle Dick to see that everyone’s interests are represented, and that ruffled feathers are smoothed? He’s the perfect choice to champion the Bush administration’s commitment to negotiating and working out compromises. This is another proud moment for America in Iraq.

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