Latest, Greatest Erectile Dysfunction Marketing

No, it’s not salacious. But you gotta hear this Web 2.0 story.

Small-time bloggers like me always notice other blogs’ links to our site. There’s a simple feature that depicts this data on WordPress. A new link to my “3 Things about Annapolis” post from last night caught my eye. After clicking on a non-descript named blog, the name of a common Erectile Dysfunction (ED) brand appears at the top as the blog’s title. Nothing else in the blog promotes the product. The plain, text-only blog (which appears to use Blogspot as a platform) randomly trolls the internet and links to a few posts each day. The blog dates back only two weeks and averages one entry a day. Each entry contains 3-5 links to blogs like mine. The first few lines of my entry about Middle East peace talks appear and then a link reading, “Click here to read more.”

Early on-line trash marketers sent emails whose subject line demonstrated clear intent (enlarge your penis! or hot young girls!) or deception using common terms (“re: your email” or “haven’t seen you in a while“). Email filters, however, block the vast majority of these efforts. Blogs are now a huge part of the online experience. WordPress, one of the top 3 or 4 blog platforms, maintains “1,897,731 blogs with 37,458 new posts today.” It’s not surprising, therefore, junk marketers have found new methods. However, this product’s sponsors are not junk marketers, they are major pharmaceutical corporations. Frankly, this doesn’t seem effective. The product-named website is only observable to the bloggers themselves once they explore the link.

So what’s going on? The ED product in the blog’s title may have no connection to the product manufacturers, an odd experiment with no purpose. Or this is research for a future marketing campaign from the product’s sponsors.

Note: I’ve avoided giving this product any more exposure. If you’re really curious, email me at sdinsmore1 at I’ll tell all and provide the link.

Update: Now a porn site has done the same thing and I realize the junk marketers are already in Web 2.0 big time.


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