3 Things About Annapolis Conference

In 1785 delegates from many of the newly formed states gathered in Annapolis to discuss a border dispute between Maryland and Virginia. During the talks, delegates agreed that issues surrounding the conflicts of states were great enough to warrant further discussion with more delegates and full representation. This second conversation is now known as the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

With the help of David Ignatius of the Washington Post, I will share 3 meaningful elements of the Annapolis Conference.

  1. All issues are on the table (possible division of Jerusalem, rights of Palestinian refugees, water, borders, settlements, etc)
  2. The Arab League has joined (strengthening Abbas’ hand and, according to Ignatius, showing Israel what it would feel like to have full acceptance)
  3. Ongoing talks have been promised through 2008. The US has been jointly authorized to monitor implementation of all agreements

Some see the exclusion of Iran as a way to isolate and weaken them. Iran is disappointed that Syria has joined. (more on  Iran policy soon)  Also, when I regain access to the Washington Post, I’ll post about the protest scene. However, Ignatius urges us to appreciate the value of having a positive agenda for the region.

My historical introduction was not to offer a parallel. Just a reminder that outcomes are rarely known beforehand. Off to a University of Maryland basketball game!

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