Belgium’s Divorce? Federalism in Europe

Some of you know my long-time fascination with Federalism. For those of you who feel a flatness in this term, I am confident that within a few weeks or one long conversation I can energize your own passion.

The new draft treaty for the EU which replaces the fallen Constitution is an example of building and coming together. This is one part of federalism — which I define as the combination of self-rule and shared rule. Think of Benjamin Barber’s famous subtitle to Jihad vs. McWorld announcing “how the world is both coming together and falling apart.” The nation of Belgium has gone for 5 months without a national government and its Flemish and French speakers may forgo their ties. Federalism analyzes these twin trends.


3 Responses to “Belgium’s Divorce? Federalism in Europe”

  1. Federal Farmer Says:

    You might want to read the article on the EU in the Economist this week. I have just blogged on it at

  2. euandus Says:

    On Federalism and the banking industry in the US (obviously for comparative purposes here): I suspect that the latest compromise regarding state banking regulation points to the influence of large corporations on the Congress as a culprit in the on-going eclipse of federalism. I have just posted on this, in case you are interested.

  3. euandus Says:

    See if you think I’ve got it right in how I depict federalism. I had several replies to my posts so I wrote another in defense of the governmance system. If you are interested in having a look, here is the link.

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