Dogs: Freedom vs. Intimacy

Consider inside dogs and outside dogs. My father grew up on a small farm with outside dogs that were invited into the home on occasion for short periods of time. Dogs didn’t sleep in the family’s bed. They were out all day getting into trouble. City life eliminates outside dogs while increasing our emotional and physical connection to our house dogs.

For a generation or two dogs in suburbia could live in-between. Some families had dog houses in the back yard where the animal slept unless freezing. Kids knew where the mean dogs lived without leash or fence. My friend Todd’s wily and lovable poodle-spaniel mix had no fence. That dog had errands in the neighborhood — accompany the kids on their paper routes, meet other dogs, visit neighbors, pick up kids from bus stop, etc. He also served as chief cuddler in the downstairs TV area. The suburban fence, rabies fears, leash laws and other norms of safety and hygiene erased fluidity between types and made more canines house dogs.

What is gained and lost – by pet and owner – when the locale allows for outside dogs?



5 Responses to “Dogs: Freedom vs. Intimacy”

  1. inside vs. outside dogs… « Travel, She Wrote Says:

    […]… […]

  2. mylifestylemakeover Says:

    You should read ‘Meryl’s Door’ by Ted Kerasote. It talks about this subject in great detail and is a wonderful read. 🙂

  3. local puppies for sale Says:

    I feel dogs should be treated as family. My two shih tzus sleep in bed with me the first thing I do is wake up and walk them then fed them than i worry about me they are my children dont let them stay out side it gets cold and dirty

  4. clicker training for dogs Says:

    It’s much too hot in Phoenix where I live to keep a dog outside all day during the summer. Especially if the dog doesn’t have any shade from tree and the like.

  5. educateddog Says:

    Very intersting subject. Thanks for sharing!

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