Perfecting Jews: Can We Handle the Truth?

Leah Kauffman, singer of the famously viral on-line video “I’ve Got a Crush on Obama” now offers this tongue-in-cheek request to Ms. Ann Coulter: make me petty and perfected like you. I prefer this commentary over the Anti-Defamation League’s overblown press releases. Thanks to the folks at for their mixture of new media, politics and entertainment. Hat tip to Jewschool.

Coulter is clearly out of step with inter-religious dialogue efforts of the 1950s and 60s and contemporary multicultural, tolerant society. Supersessionist theology has diminished in Protestant circles for 400 years through Covenantal Theology and later Dispensationalism. In 2005 the Catholic Church celebrated 40 years of the momentous Nostra Aetate document on inter-religious understanding.

However, we know that not all Protestants attend to the rigors of comprehensive scriptural reading methods and the Catholic Church still holds, “there is not salvation outside the Church.” Unsure of the extent of goodwill within many sectors of Christian life and frightened by strong confessions of Christian faith, the ADL and most liberal Jews fall back on demanding R-E-S-P-E-C-T in the public sphere. However, confessions of tolerance and condemnations of multiculturalisms heretics is smug and intellectually dull.  Critics would be on more solid ground if they gave up short-term, petty victories against Coulter and related to Christians with an appreciation of the strong truth claims of the tradition that also speak to respect for Jewish souls (as cited above).

I am more gratified by the Pope’s recent academic, chivalrous duel with Rabbi-Professor Jacob Neusner than by these simple reactions to Coulter’s provocations.

One Response to “Perfecting Jews: Can We Handle the Truth?”

  1. Athos Says:

    Ouch. In all fairness, I’d rather be just like Thomas Merton. In a monastery. Away from Catholic 6th graders. But I’ll settle for being a middle aged blogger who tries to use mimetic theory in conjunction with the Magisterium of the Catholic Church teaches with pals like Gil Bailie and Scott Dinsmore.

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